The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards: Airport Lounge Edition

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Travel reward credit cards usually include benefits that go beyond reward points or accumulated dollars. Insurance, discounted car rental rates and 24-hour concierge services are common services to most rewards credit cards.

If you’re like most consumers, you’ve probably researched all of these benefits before you applied for your credit card, and once it arrived, you quickly forgot about it in favor of rewards! Although this situation is common, it should not be! You are entitled to these benefits, and in some cases you even pay an annual fee to take advantage of them. You should use the benefits of your credit card as much as possible to maximize all the rewards offered.

First, why would you want to use an airport lounge?


The reason is simple: Air traffic is at an all time high with record traffic in 2017. The hustle and bustle of an airport no longer represents the scenic Cole family adventure thirty years, in the movie “Mom, I missed the plane”. Airports are crowded, noisy and frankly stressful! An airport lounge is an oasis of calm in the midst of chaos.

Airport lounges offer benefits that go far beyond a simple peaceful environment:

  • Most airport lounges offer free wi-fi, charging stations, as well as coffee, tea, snacks and even alcoholic beverages.
  • Get the latest news on TV and in daily newspapers, flip through a magazine or check the status of your departure time on the flight display screens.
  • These lounges are open according to a convenient schedule for travelers, ranging from 5 am until late in the evening.
  • Finally, if you find yourself between flights resulting from a long journey, some lounges provide showers with soap, shampoo and towels.

Another benefit to airport lounges is the consistency they provide in terms of travel experience, no matter where the airport is located. Most airport lounge programs offer access to these lounges in dozens, if not hundreds of airports around the world.

For example, two popular airport lounge programs in Canada are Maple Blade Lounges and Priority Pass lounges. Air Canada’s Maple Blade Lounges are available at 16 airports in Canada, the United States and Europe. Priority Pass offers trade shows in 1,200 airports around the world. To see which lounges are available and for which airports the LoungeBuddy website (with its app for iOS devices only) offers a convenient list of lounges, including business hours, amenities and reviews.

Get access to airport lounges


These lounges are not free, but some options are available for you to enjoy. First, you can pay to use. But fees are climbing fast, especially if you travel frequently. The second option is to register directly for a trade show program. For example, you can become a Priority Pass member on their website for approximately $ 99 USD per year. This membership allows you to visit the salon for $ 27 per visit, per person.

The third option is to choose one of the best travel rewards credit cards in Canada that offers access to airport lounges as a free benefit. Below you will find nine credit cards that offer free access to airport lounges. Please note that access to lounges offered by these credit cards are not equivalent and that each offer has its respective limits. If these benefits are important to you, make sure to choose the credit card that specifically fits your needs.

For example, the Cooperative Bank American Express Platinum card has a significant annual fee of $ 399, but offers the cardholder free access to the Priority Pass program with 10 free annual visits to the primary cardholder, and four non-fee-based visits per year for an additional holder. Otherwise, the Cooperative Bank Passport Visa Infinite, with its annual fee of $ 139, offers a free Priority Pass membership with six free visits per year.

Credit cards that offer access


TD Good Finance Visa Infinite offers you a unique visit to an Air Canada Maple Blade Lounge only if your Good Finance Points have been redeemed. For your information, here is a table describing all the credit cards that offer access to the airport lounges, as well as the details of their respective offers:

If you already have a credit card that offers access to the airport lounges, or if any of the credit cards mentioned above interest you, you probably already know that access to airport lounges is one of the small pleasures of life – if you have the opportunity, enjoy!

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